Life Care Center of Tucson

Life Care Center of Tucson, Arizona, recently earned a state survey with no deficiencies.


The center also achieved a deficiency-free survey in 2017.


To pass the state survey each year, nursing facilities must meet hundreds of criteria. These address not only nursing care and resident safety, but also patients’ rights, food services, administration and the facility’s environment. Surveyors spend several days in the building reviewing paperwork, observing resident care and interviewing residents and associates.


“Working across department lines and fully implementing patient-centered care makes the residents feel a sense of control and belonging,” said Paul O’Connell, executive director. “I cannot overstate the caring relationships that our associates establish with our residents and patients. The survey team has commented on these relationships each year, and these relationships are genuine and evident year-round.”


The surveyors completed their most recent inspection on June 14, 2018, and the results were official on June 19.