Pies for National Pie Day at Life Care Center of Tucson

National Pi Day was an extra-special occasion for residents and associates at Life Care Center of Tucson, Arizona.


The day was observed on March 14, 2016, because the month/day date format is 3/14/16 since 3.1416 are the first five digits (rounded) of the mathematical value of pi.


Associates and residents brought in homemade and store-bought pies. Among the contributors were Jerry Hollenback, Life Care Center of Tucson’s chef, with a homemade apple pie, and Elizabeth Horvath, social services director, with a Boston cream and a banana cream pie.


Of course, the baked goodies were for more than just looking at. Residents and associates enjoyed digging into the treats, and even discussing math.


“I like pie!” said Rene Sousley, payroll/accounts payable associate, who donated a delicious homemade caramel apple crunch pie, which disappeared fast.


“It was a fantastic event!” said Ermalinda Vigil, lead housekeeper. “We had a great variety of pies to choose from, and our residents and staff just loved it all.”