Left to right: Joyce Hayes, occupational therapist assistant; Janet Stansbury; and Adam Federico, physical therapist assistant

Janet Stansbury recently found herself in need of rehabilitation after radiation for her breast cancer caused polyneuropathy, numbness on both sides of the body.


Stansbury came to Life Care Center of Tucson, Arizona, on March 5, 2017.


“Janet fought to regain her independence while also battling breast cancer,” said Ross Brantner, director of rehab. “She was successful on both fronts, thanks to hard work and an unflappable will.”


While Stansbury’s cancer treatment slowed the progression of the disease, it left her with significant deficits in strength and mobility. When she arrived at Life Care Center of Tucson, she required extensive assistance with all of her self-care and mobility needs. She struggled to find her footing at first, and after her skilled stay ended, she became a long-term resident.


Stansbury underwent another round of cancer treatment, and with the help of her doctors, nurses and therapists, she was able to regain the ability to care for herself.


“I don’t know where I’d be without you guys,” said Stansbury.


On Aug. 31, she moved back into the community successfully.


“While it’s common for short-term patients, it’s fairly rare to see people transition from long-term care back into the community,” said Brantner. “Janet is an inspiration and a testament to the rewards of perseverance.”