Resident Micaela Paul enjoying the beautiful roses at Reid Park Zoo Rose Garden

On April 19, 2016, the activities department at Life Care Center of Tucson, Arizona, took residents to Tucson’s Gene C. Reid Park.


Also known as Randolph Park to locals, the urban park is a 131-acre area that features gardens, two lakes, picnic areas, a 24-acre zoo and much more. Residents enjoyed the outing, the warm weather and many of the fun features the park included.


“We walked around the lake and fed popcorn to the ducks,” shared Morgiana Correa, activity director. “Randolph Park has a beautiful rose garden, which boasts 1,080 different colored rose beds, with more than 100 species of roses.”


After these activities, residents sat under the trees and had a picnic lunch while enjoying the weather.


“We had sandwiches and these delicious, little cheese balls that were my favorite,” said resident Suzanne Lentz.


Toward the end of the outing, Ashley Outfleet, activity assistant, surprised the residents with water guns.


“I really enjoyed the water gun fight,” shared resident Debbie Franklin. “I haven’t done that in ages.”


“We had so much fun having a water gun fight, and I was soaked,” said Correa. “We walked around the park afterwards to dry off. It was such a wonderful day.”