Produce contributed for the soup

Life Care Center of Tucson, Arizona, has started National Nursing Home Week celebrations for four years in a row with a special facility event called Stone Soup Day.


“You may have heard the story as a child,” said Morgiana Correa, activity director. “We loosely base this event on the folk tale ‘Stone Soup.’ We incorporate teamwork to demonstrate that when we work together we accomplish great things. This is a wonderful way to kick off National Nursing Home Week, which celebrates the efforts of our residents, staff, volunteers and community in making our nursing home a wonderful place for our residents.”


Associates, families and residents are encouraged to contribute one vegetable (but, of course, people bring in more than one) for the huge pots of soup. This year, more than 50 associates and residents contributed 30 different types of vegetables, and each one was used!


“I bought zucchini because I love the taste in soups,” said resident Micaela Paul.


“This year, we asked our associates to come up with something unique to share, and they didn’t let us down,” Correa added. “They contributed colorful dried beans, jicama, cassava and tri-colored carrots, to name just a few.”


The activities team prepared two roasts the night before, and on Stone Soup Day, residents, activities associates and volunteers peeled, chopped, diced and grated all the vegetables into the delicious soup. The glorious aroma of fresh vegetables, meat, beans and other exotic foods permeated from room to room all the way down the halls, tempting tummies.


The result was enough soup to feed residents, associates, families and visitors.


“We made so much soup,” said resident Wilma Mensing. “We had a lot of vegetables to peel and chop up. It was a lot of work but worth it because the soup was so good!”