Resident Barbara Furgia with the Easter Bunny

By Morgiana Correa, activity director


Residents at Life Care Center of Tucson, Arizona, were surprised by a special visitor, the Easter Bunny


On March 25, 2016, the Easter Bunny handed out plastic eggs and bags filled with candy to residents, families, visitors and associates.  


The Easter Bunny was wonderful with all the residents and associates,” said Malik Idrisson, resident nurse. 


Local news stations announced the Easter Bunny’s visit, and families in the community came out to visit with him. Associates and residents also invited their young ones to have a special lunch and take photos with him.


“The Easter Bunny was very funny and good looking,” said resident Judy Francis with a big smile.


“The Easter Bunny made Easter by bringing us candy,” shared resident Deborah Johnson. “It was wonderful.” 


The Easter Bunny was full of hip-hoppity energy and brought smiles and laughs to everyone he visited. The best part is that no one could figure out who was behind the furry face. 


Sshhh, don't tell anyone, but it was our very own executive director, Paul O’Connell! 

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